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Theo and the metamorphosis

Feature film directed by Damien Odoul
Produced by Kidam
Distributed by Wild Bunch

Berlin Film Festival – Berlinale 2022

With Théo Kermel, Pierre Meunier, Louise Morin, Ayumi Roux & Elia Sulem

Technical setup : Arri Alexa Mini – Lomo Illumina S35 – 1.66 – Colors – 96’

Synopsis :
Theo, a 27-year-old young man with Down syndrome, lives with his father in an isolated house in the heart of a forest. They live together in harmony with nature and animals, but one day the father goes away, leaving his son alone with his visions... Theo then begins his odyssey in which he will reinvent himself, open up to the world, experience freedom, and trying to discover the nature of things as well as the nature of beings.

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